On Hiatus

For personal reasons this blog is on indefinite pause. I expect I’ll back, but I can’t say when. Be good to the people in your life.

Elves – A Christmas Horror Story

Having revisited an old favourite, it’s time for something new. Hiding amongst the usual farrago of saccharine Christmas programming is Elves [Nisser] (2021), a 6-episode Danish fantasy-horror series which has nothing to do with Santa’s workshop. It all starts with a typical family Christmas holiday. Mads (Peder Thomas Pedersen) and Charlotte (Lila Nobel) want to … Continue reading Elves – A Christmas Horror Story

AD/BC: A Rock Opera

I’m not a fan of Christmas movies – but I do like trawling through unloved genres in search of gems which deserve a wider audience. AD/BC: A Rock Opera (2004) is one such gem, a neglected comedy special from the early 2000s which purports to be a lost Christmas rock opera from the late 1970s … Continue reading AD/BC: A Rock Opera

Underwater Love: A Pink Musical

Take the memories of a high school romance that never was. Swap out one of the characters for a water spirit. Add a maverick director of Japanese sex cinema. Filter through the lens of an internationally renowned cinematographer. Serve with a garnish of German synth-pop. Whatever it is you’re now imagining, you’re probably still unable … Continue reading Underwater Love: A Pink Musical

Bring It On, Ghost!

Yes, it’s late November, but I still see no reason to let go of Halloween. The main television series keeping me entertained last month was Bring It On, Ghost [Ssauja Gwisina] (2016), a supernatural horror romantic comedy which should appeal to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) – flipping the template of the central … Continue reading Bring It On, Ghost!


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