We Are One Retrospective – Offerings from Sundance

At last I’ve made it through my backlog of mini-reviews from the We Are One Global Film Festival. To finish up, here are my brief impressions of three films from the Sundance Indigenous Shorts Program, followed by a round-up of everything else I watched but haven’t previously mentioned.

Nutag-Homeland (2016, Canada, 6 min)

An impressionistic depiction of the USSR’s deportation of the Kalmyk people. The animation feels like it’s constructed from blobs of paint (or sometimes oil pastels), creating a very textured experience as shapes shift and transition between scenes and people, creating a sense of impermanence and dispersion.

Fainting Spells (2018, USA, 11 min)

Multiple layers of colour tinted negative exposures create a hallucinatory feel as an imagined myth of the Ho-Chunk Pipe Plant streams across the screen. The imagery scales further and further back towards representational reality, before a final section where it looks as if the spiritual essence of the land and the people on it separates and streams up into the sky. Hypnotic.

Throat Singing in Kangirsuk [Katatjatuuk Kangitsumi] (2019, Canada, 3 min)

Two Inuit throat singers practice their craft, accompanied by drone footage of the surrounding arctic landscape and their home village, creating an impression of astral bodies traversing the land.

Watched But Not Reviewed

Jaws – Assembling a Top-Tier Team (2020, USA, 12 min)

Sébastien Tellier on Paris’ rooftop | A Take Away Show (2020, France, 9 min)

The Stories That Prepared Us (aka How Movies Prepared Us for Coronavirus) (2020, USA, 9 min)

Blood Rider (2020, Nigeria, 17 min) plus Q+A

Cinema Cafe with Jackie Chan (2019, USA, 48 min)

On Film Festivals (2020)

  • Mary Harron (1 min) – watch
  • Julian Schnabel (1 min) – watch
  • Darren Aronofsky (1 min) – watch
  • JR (1 min) – watch
  • David O. Russell (1 min) – watch
  • Ang Lee (1 min) – watch

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