We Are One Retrospective – Offerings from Tokyo & Macao

Continuing my mini-review roundup from the We Are One Global Film Festival, with three films from the Tokyo International Film Festival and one from the International Film Festival & Awards Macao.

The Yalta Conference Online (2020, Japan, 39 min)

Historic world leader conference from Feb 1945 reimagined as a Zoom meeting, adapted from a Japanese play. Very entertaining! (And interesting to see the author’s view of how these comedic distortions of Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt view the Japanese people.)

Genius Party: Happy Machine (2007, Japan, 16 min)

Self-contained short extracted from an anthology animation showcase. A baby is deposited from a giant metal birthing machine into a barren environment which reveals various surreal dangers and wonders. Follows his journeys through adulthood through the emergence of a new child into the environment. Very visual, strong imagination.

Tremble All You Want (2017, Japan, 117 min)

Bit of a change of pace for me here – Japanese romantic comedy adapted from a novel by Risa Wataya. Yoshika loves extinct animals (she’s recently bought herself an ammonite) and believes she has trained herself to see sideways. She’s hanging on to a romantic obsession from high school with someone she barely knew while someone at work is trying to get her attention. Entertainingly told, sweet.

Dirty Laundry (2020, Macau, 10 min)

Short comedy about two impoverished guys (a film studies student and a wannabe music producer) trying to dispose of an old washing machine in Macau. Entertaining banter, humourous evocation of different genre film styles, showcases the variety of their locations.

Watched But Not Reviewed

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