We Are One Retrospective – Offerings from Annecy & Guadalajara

This time around, the mini-reviews from the We Are Global Festival covers my favourite animated films on offer. Most came from the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, with one more from the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Bilby (2018, USA, 8 min)

From DreamWorks, part of the “Shorts for Families” program. A bilby protects a baby seagull from the (slightly exaggerated) dangers of the Australian outback. Expressive characters, entertaining fun.

The Battle of San Romano [La Bataille de San Romano] (2017, Switzerland, 2 min)

Animated interpretation of the painting Battaglia di San Romano by Paolo Uccello. The images swirl and change, morphing from one scene to another in an effective evocation of the confusion of war while representing the style of the painting.

The One-Minute Memoir (2019, USA, 16 min)

Eleven animators present brief stories about their lives, wide range of animation techniques.

Dew Line (2005, USA, 4 min)

To quote the animator: “an abstract tapestry of biomorphic forms that hints at the loss of botanical diversity. The title refers to the shapes created by condensation and to the line of radar stations (Distant Early Warning) built in Alaska, USA during the Cold War.” Very pretty.

Cerulia (2017, Mexico, 13 min) – Best “Animated Short Films” Rigo Mora Award – Guadalajara International Film Festival

Surreal, beautifully crafted stop motion Mexican gothic. A woman who lives alone revisits her childhood home and her imaginary friend. Loved it!

Leon in Wintertime [L’Hiver de Léon] (2007, Canada, 26 min)

First of four Canadian stop motion films under the banner Leon’s Animated Stories. Engaging fairytale in which a young bear (adopted by a human family and raised as their child) sets out to rescue Princess Molly Gingerbread from the Christmas Ogre. The narrator of the story is travelling storyteller Bonnifacio, also the villain, who’s manipulated the whole situation in an attempt to become king. The same characters return in each short film, with a different viewpoint character leading the action.

Watched But Not Reviewed

From what I recall, I found something to enjoy or appreciate in each of the films below, but I didn’t take any notes on them.

Annecy International Animation Film Festival:

Guadalajara International Film Festival (Best “Animated Short Films” Rigo Mora Award):

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