Why Am I Here?

Since I started attending film festivals again last year, I’ve been sharing mini-reviews with my friends. As 2020 progressed and lockdowns due to covid-19 became a thing, I’ve been writing more reviews as a personal project. Since I’ve been enjoying myself and I’ve been receiving an increasing level of encouragement, I’ve decided to finally set up a review site of my own.

As this is a bit of an experiment for me, I don’t have any clear goals in mind for what I write here. I decided to launch this review blog to coincide with the 2020 Melbourne International Film Festival and see where it leads me. I’ll probably add reviews of books, TV and music as the whim takes me. I might well add some of my reviews from past festivals, or the trip through David Bowie’s back catalogue I wrote up earlier this year. You’ll find out shortly after I do.

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